Losing your keys whether they’re your car keys, house keys or keys to the office can be quite painful and annoying and can put you in a very helpless and compromising position. Unfortunately, your keys aren’t like your mobile phone – one call to set if off on ringing or vibrate mode making its location much easier. For all, you know those keys could be hiding silently in a jacket pocket or in one of the handbag slots.


Making duplicate keys to replace lost ones are almost close to impossible nowadays due to the increase in the number of car thefts and house break-ins. Maybe a couple of years ago all it would have taken was a quick visit to a local hardware store, show some ID proof and documentation and presto! You would get a brand new set of keys to replace the ones you lost. But this was also why the rate of stolen cars and robbed houses went up too!


What Are the Costs of Replacing Your Car Keys?


Today a typical car key would consist of two parts – the main car key and an electronic key fob. The cost to replace just the electronic key fob will be a minimum of 100 dollars and this can go up depending on the type of car that you own. Getting a duplicate fob from the car showroom or dealership might cost you even more. The dealership will also include their labor fees for replacing your lost electronic key fob. And replacing the main key will cost you too.


A switchblade key or flip key will cost you even more to replace because in these type of keys the metal car key or main key folds into the electronic fob and flips out on the press of a button on the fob. So the main car key is released only when it is required to be used. These keys can cost a minimum of 300 dollars to replace thanks to their fancy technology and will be sure to burn a hole in your wallet.


Laser cut keys or sidewinder keys that are made with expensive machinery contain a transponder chip and can cost you at least 250-300 dollars to replace if lost. These keys need to be reprogrammed at the car dealership or by a well-known locksmith preferably someone who is a registered member of ALOA or the Associated Locksmiths of America if you are living in the United States.


Smart keys use even more complex technology and the cost of replacing these keys can go up to 400-500 dollars so my advice would be to try not to ever lose your keys and if you do keep an emergency and reputable locksmith on speed dial.

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